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From the volume of e-mail I get, lots of people are looking for a voice teacher. Here is some information about singing lessons in The Voice Studio of Dr. Lee Strawn.

  • What Are You Like As A Teacher?
  • What Are Lessons Like?
  • What Do Lessons Cover?
  • What Musical Styles Do You Teach?
  • Do You Take Beginners?
  • What Do You Offer to Advanced Students?
  • What Kind Of Students Do You Work With?
  • When Are You Available?
  • What is the tuition for lessons?
  • Where Are You Located?
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    WHAT ARE YOU LIKE AS A TEACHER?  I consider myself a dedicated teacher who is vitally interested in his students' success. I believe learning to sing is a step-by-step process. I enjoy helping singers realize the full potential of their God-given talent.

    WHAT ARE LESSONS LIKE?  Voice lessons should be enjoyable AND challenging, not mysterious or intimidating. A voice lesson should be about the student's singing, not about the teacher's ego.

    WHAT DO LESSONS COVER?  We generally spend half of the lesson warming up and working on TECHNIQUE:

    The other half of the lesson is spent applying that technique to PERFORMANCE SKILLS:
    • bringing the song to life, musically and dramatically
    • acting the song
    • choosing repertory
    • audition preparation, etc.
    A singer needs both solid technique and the ability to express. It's an exciting journey that can yield great results.

    WHAT MUSICAL STYLES DO YOU TEACH?  My own background is in classical music. In addition, I've made my living in musical theatre for many years. I teach musical theatre ("legit" and "belting"), and Classical (opera, oratorio and art song).

    DO YOU TAKE BEGINNERS?  Yes. I believe that just about everyone can learn to enjoy the simple act of singing.    I enjoy helping people to fulfill their dream of learning to sing.

    WHAT DO YOU OFFER TO ADVANCED STUDENTS?  I have many years of study and research in pedagogy, anatomy, physiology, acoustics, body alignment and relaxation. In addition, I've been a professional singer for over 30 years. This knowledge enables me to see how the voice works, and to diagnose what may be limiting the singer. After years of developing my own method I've come to believe in what the old Italian masters taught: proper breath support; relaxed, efficient posture; clarity of vowels; maintaining efficient tone production through the passaggio; all of which lead to natural-sounding, tension-free singing throughout the range.

    WHAT KIND OF STUDENTS DO YOU WORK WITH?  Let me make an analogy from physical fitness: It seems to me that there are two kinds of people who want to exercise; there are people who go to the park & throw a ball around, and there are people who join a gym, hire a personal trainer and really work to improve. Similarly, in voice lessons there are people who just want to have a good time and don't want to be challenged - and there are voice teachers for them. Then there are singers who genuinely want to improve, and who are willing to work to achieve their goal. I consider myself a "Personal Trainer" for singers. I delight in working with anyone who genuinely wants to delve into the challenging and enjoyable process of becoming a better singer.

    WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE?  I teach weekdays in the afternoons and evenings, and on Saturday. Please e-mail me with your schedule & we'll try to find a time that works for both of us.

    WHAT IS THE TUITION FOR LESSONS?  Half hour lessons are $55.00, hour lessons are $105.00. Cash or check is fine. There is a 10% discount if you purchase 10 lessons at the same time.

    WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?  The Voice Studio is located near the corner of 5th and Mission Streets in downtown San Francisco.

    For a map and driving directions, click here


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